bliss - perfect happiness; great joy.


From Our Founder Benjamin Magee

Up until I was 15 no one in my family, including me, drank coffee. However, that all changed when a close friend & mentor told me if I wanted to go to Heaven, I had to drink coffee! So I took the leap and began the Heavenly journey. Shortly after, I began to serve coffee to our guests and friends which I quickly began to love. At the time I would visit my sister in South Africa, once a year for a couple weeks, which brewed an even deeper love for coffee deep inside. I got to work as a barista in a local coffee shop while I was there. End of 2018, I began asking God what I should do for work, & while sitting in prayer I looked out my window and got a picture of coffee plants all in my backyard. At the time I thought, maybe I can grow coffee. I began researching everything about coffee and soon realized, living in Texas, that wasn't possible. I thought to myself, well if i can't grow it i can roast it. I researched the best roasting schools and went to Sandpoint, Idaho for Diedrich's roasting school. Soon after my dad was super inspired to help me get started and together we started Bliss Coffee in April of 2020. Without my dad, Todd Magee, I wouldn't be anywhere close to fullfilling the dream of Bliss Coffee!


The Epic Bliss Logo

Circle Bliss Logo Black and Gold


On my last visit to South Africa, I was spending time with my sister, discussing coffee, & she said, "If I ever have a coffee shop, I'm going to name it Bliss". I thought to myself, yes that's exactly what I should name the company!

When putting everything together I began thinking what else is that feeling of bliss you get when you're fully content & in a state of awe. To me, that is snowboarding. It's my greatest passion besides Christ, so now at Bliss we make sure all our coffees are named after ski and snowboard lifts & runs.

When drinking Bliss Coffee, it represents the state of pure happiness. Like being in 5 feet of solid white powder 11,000 feet up on the mountain. Nothing to worry about, just you and the epic path before you.

Our Craft 



Currently we roast all our coffee on a Diedrich IR5 roaster. This roaster is one of the best in the industry, allowing us to roast premium batches of coffee, consistantly again & again. We are able to roast up to 40 lbs an hour.

We only buy the bests coffees from all over the world. So far, we have carried coffee from: Guatemala, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Mexico, and Cameroon. We have had the privilege of traveling to the farms in Guatemala, meeting the farmers, and seeing first hand what goes into producing quality when it comes to coffee.





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